Why We Should All Dump Yahoo Now

If you still have a yahoo account, security experts strongly recommend that you delete it today.  Recently it was leaked that Yahoo compromised the security and privacy of hundreds of millions of users by installing a secret program that searched all incoming emails at the request of US intelligence officials.

“The order issued to Yahoo appears to be unprecedented and unconstitutional. The government appears to have compelled Yahoo to conduct precisely the type of general, suspicionless search that the Fourth Amendment was intended to prohibit,” said ACLU Staff Attorney Patrick Toomey.


There have been conflicting reports about what kind of program was installed, with initial reports stating it was probably just a modified version of Yahoo’s existing scanning system that searches all incoming email for malware, spam and images of child pornography. But sources have since told Motherboard that the program was more like a “rootkit,” or a piece of malware that grants a hacker nearly complete and undetectable control over the infected system.

Source: Why We Should All Dump Yahoo Now