How to Recover from a Ransomware Attack – AARP

You should have the information you need to prevent (as much as possible) a Ransomware attack, but if you are still locked out of your files, here are some tips to help you recover.  Remember, prevention is the best solution here, including backups of all your files.  I’ve listed the steps, but you’ll need to read the article for the full version.

Ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent with hackers stealing your most important files. Follow these steps if you are a victim of a ransomware.


  • Don’t pay the ransom.
  • Reinstall your files from a backup. 
  • Make sure your operating system and antivirus are up to date.
  • Contact your IT department or antivirus company.

If none of that works, consider the worst “solution”:

  • Accept that your files are lost and gone forever.

Source: How to Recover from a Ransomware Attack – AARP