Over 711 Million Email Addresses Exposed From SpamBot Server

Don’t despair, here is a link to a site that will tell you whether your email account has been breached.  https://haveibeenpwned.com/  I am very careful and I was breached in 4 areas: Adobe breach 2012 (changed in 2014); LinkedIn in 2013 (changed in 2013); and 2 other sites that sold the 2 old breaches.  If you have been breached, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD TO A REAL PASSWORD!  And don’t use the same password for every site!  Get a password keeper to store and retrieve your passwords.

A massive database of 630 million email addresses used by a spambot to send large amounts of spam to has been published online in what appears to be one of the biggest data dumps of its kind.

A French security researcher, who uses online handle Benkow, has spotted the database on an “open and accessible” server containing a vast amount of email addresses, along with millions of SMTP credentials from around the world.

The database is hosted on the spambot server in Netherlands and is stored without any access controls, making the data publicly available for anyone to access without requiring any password.

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Source: Over 711 Million Email Addresses Exposed From SpamBot Server